2020 CALENDAR OF EVENTS (clinics, seminars will be added as dates are secured)



 25 / 26 January 

 Slide Into Summer Reining Show / Hi Points Awards for 2019 / AGM

 2 / 7 March

 State Championship & Derby Show

 2 / 3 May

 Autumn Rein & Shine Jackpot Show

 8 / 9 August

 Winter Slide Jackpot Show

 10 / 11 October

 You Too Can Slide Jackpot Show

7/8 November

Spring Rein Year End Finals Jackpot Show



Schooling is one thing. 

Disrespecting the judge and the spectators is another.


Schooling at horse shows has increased dramatically - and that's fine. But remember to

respect the judge, the spectators, and your trainer's program by keeping a professional appearance.

Professional reining trainer Bob Avila offers six tips to keep in mind when schooling a continue reading