VRHA Membership


  • To meet riders with similar interests
  •  To enjoy the support of fellow club members
  • To be part of a club which caters for less experience in Reining
  • To be part of an Association which embraces all breeds and types of horses
  • Access to a competition system which ensures you will ride against others of similar levels of ability for both horse and rider
  • Affordable club membership and competition costs
  • Access to coaching at club events and clinics
  • Year End Awards


Becoming a member of VRHA is easy, just follow the instructions!



VRHA Adult Riding Membership $75
3 Year VRHA Adult Membership $225
VRHA Youth - 18 years Riding Membership $40
3 Year VRHA Youth Membership  $120
VRHA Youth - 18 yrs Riding Membership (1st Youth Sibling must be full Youth Riding member)

2nd + Youth Sibling membership is free

VRHA Non Rider Membership $30
VRHA Riding Membership (Training Day/ Clinic) $25
NRHA Member of another affiliate (this membership does not entitle to VRHA Programs)

$15 (NRHA Sanctioned Show)


  • Promote interest in Reining
  • Promote good fellowship
  • Educate, Train, Coach and encourage members of the Association



The VRHA is run by members for members. Overseen by an Executive Committee, it is an uncomplicated management system. Each Adult Member is entitled to one vote at VRHA AGM and/or special general meetings.



The VRHA Insurance coverage provides public liability insurance for the club through Gow Gates. The policy is tailored to address particular needs of our association and its members. An annual fee is levied to cover the cost of the insurance. 



Please volunteer some time to your club, support from the membership makes a difference. By selecting a Helpers Membership, VRHA have the opportunity to contact when help or resources are required. Every little bit of help counts! We need help with:

  • From setting up to pack up
  • Office support, entering show scores
  • Gate Marshall
  • Scribe
  • Presentations
  • Arena Preparations, drags during the show, drag both arenas end of show
  • PA announcing

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